TechBox - Open to Innovation

75 Clinton Street, Staten Island, NY 10304

A Co-Working Space of its Kind

New York is a place of abundant opportunity for up-and-coming artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. However, with obstacles such as high costs and lack of contacts, it’s easy to get lost in such a fast-pace environment. 
Enter TechBox. Located in the Stapleton district of Staten Island, we understand the high cost of sustaining a business in the Big Apple, and as such, we serve to simplify and reduce these costs. Here’s what we can offer towards that end: Affordable renting spaces in a coworking environment minutes away from Manhattan, 24/7 access to the building with all amenities included, close proximity to fellow artists, and multiple outlets to display and refine your work. If this appeals to you, keep reading for more information!

A Place You Want to Be

TechBox, being a creative workspace, is filled to the brim with artistic and enterprising individuals. As an expansion of the Staten Island Artist Building Corp. Techbox opens greater capacity for music production, artist studios, rehearsal space, and for the first time, a dedicated space on Staten Island for professional start-ups & technology companies to thrive and grow. The presence of fellow artists and entrepreneurs can not only provide you with boundless inspiration and motivation, but also with the assurance that your business will flourish in a co-working space inhabited by numerous individuals of your caliber.

A Space for Artists and Entrepreneurs Alike

At TechBox, we pride ourselves on our diverse crowd of artists, creators, and business owners. From hairstylists, painters, and designers to 3D artists, manufacturers, and engineers, you can be sure to be around a plenitude of ingenuitive, expressive individuals. Take a look at some of our occupants and the services they employ below!

At the Center of Innovation

One of our major selling points is TechBox’s proximity to Manhattan, as well as convenient transportation nearby. The cultural center of New York, and the numerous opportunities it holds for enterprising artists, are little more than half an hour away. As for transportation, the s51, S74, S76, S78, S86 buses, along with the Staten Island Railway and Ferry are all within 10-15 minutes’ reach.
In addition, the Stapleton area contains an assortment of restaurants, shops, and attractions. El Patron, Lakruwana, and New Choi House fill your craving for exotic, multicultural food, and you’ll find McDonald’s and Subway comfortably nearby if you’re looking for something more typical. Let your inner daredevil out at the 5050 Skatepark, or take a brisk walk through Tappen Park. Revel in nature at the close-by Staten Island Zoo and the Snug Harbor Botanical Garden, or run those calories off at Crunch Fitness. Alternatively, get some new kicks at Oznico or stock up on foodstuffs at Western Beef!

Private Studio

$ 850

Per Month

Private Office

$ 800

Per Month

Our Mission

To provide business services to entrepreneurs where they can focus on what matters.

Techbox was built to accommodate start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and talented artists all under one roof. Our ultimate goal is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed through networking, while providing services that allow them to focus on what they are most passionate about. We understand the high cost of operating a business in NYC. Techbox serves to simplify and reduce the cost associated with being a small business. Techbox is offering affordable rental spaces while including all the necessary amenities. We are only minutes away from the NYC metropolitan area with connections through the Staten Island Ferry, buses and trains. Within Techbox there are multiple options to choose from including flex space, semi private space, shared space, studios and private offices. Our goal is to offer every possible option that an entrepreneur will need to thrive and grow in today’s fast pace and dynamic environment.


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